Cross stitch charts - Sajou blue album series

The original blue Sajou albums were called “miniatures because of their size: 5 x 7.5cm. When I re-edited them, I chose not only to enlarge the format, but also to print them on cardboard to make them more solid and easier to use. In the miniature blue series, Monsieur Sajou created albums 1 to 8, dedicated to small cross stitch alphabets. You will find the reeditions here. Also with blue covers are the numbers 21, 31 and 32 for whitework, numbers 41 to 43 for crochet and numbers 184 and 185 for cross-stitch (the 184 album has the same patterns as the n°6). In the same original small format was a series of albums with a green cover, called “Bijoux”, ranging from number 13 to 28, as well as a number 101.

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