Patchwork thread Fil Au Chinois

Fil Au Chinois patchwork thread is a polyester core wrapped with cotton, rather than a mix of these two materials. This waxed thread was specially developped with patchwork in mind. This thread is waxed – it is passed through a bath containing, among other things, starch and beeswax. This treatment makes it smoother and more luminous, with a rigidity making it easier to sew.
If patchwork has today become a veritable art form with codes and rules, it must not be forgotten that it was originally a home economics reflex - the recuperation of all sorts of fabrics to make into warm bedspreads or insulating wall panels. The technique is as old as time, and was extremely popular in Victorian Britain. The great waves of emigration took this tradition to the United States, where it was particularly adapted to a less industrialised country where all products were scarce and precious. After the Second World War, patchwork crossed the water again to become very fashionable in Europe.

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