Tea towels to embroider

Linen or Aïda tea towels to embroider

Our embroidery kits on linen tea towels

Discover our linen tea towels with gorgeous vintage floral motifs to embroider. Each kit is a work of art. If you wish to use your tea towel, please note that for ecological reasons, our Retors du Nord embroidery thread is not colourfast, so should not be washed at more than 30°. Once finished though, they will make delightful decorative objects for your table or kitchen.

Our embroidery kits on cotton Aïda tea towels

You will find here a collection of motifs with an Alsace theme, taken from our famous cotton fabric, Farandole Alsacienne. Other motifs to follow. You can also refer to our video Introduction to embroidery on Aïda fabric.

Embroidering on our linen tea towels

You can start the embroidery at the top of the tea towel. The fine coloured line indicates the centre in the width. Start the pattern at the top of the three horizontal lines and repeat the motif as many times as necessary until you reach the bottom of the three horizontal lines at the base of the tea towel.
If necessary, you can refer to our video Introduction to embroidery on linen fabric.

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