Paris and Eiffel Tower Collection

Paris and the Eiffel Tower have always been inspirational. And to think that the Eiffel Tower should have been destroyed after the Universal Exhibition of 1889! It was designed to show off French prowess in metallic construction, and considered modern at the time. It was saved by its height (320m), which made it perfect for conducting meteorological and aerodynamic experiences, and especially for broadcasting. From 1959, the Eiffel Tower was used as a television transmitter. With the development of tourism post Second World War, the Eiffel Tower became “THE” symbol of Paris and continues to be to this day. We have grouped together here all our Parisian themed products. Over the years it has become a collection in its own right : Eiffel Tower embroideries, Eiffel Tower fabrics, Eiffel Tower ribbons, Eiffel tower scissors, etc.

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