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All our embroidery fabrics are made in France. Our 12 count and 16 count per cm linens are reputed for their quality with a very even weave and just enough starch to make embroidering a pleasure. Some of our clients have even discovered the joy of embroidering on linen thanks to our fabrics. In France, linen cultivation is one of the specialities of the Upper Normandy region. This plant is sown between March and April and needs about 100 days to reach 1 metre in height. The flowering in June is very short-lived: it flowers in the morning and withers in the afternoon. Mid-July, the whole flax plant is pulled up, including the roots and left to dry in the fields before threshing, to remove the seeds which will be planted for the next harvest. The stalks are left in the fields for a process known as retting, which literally means rotting, to separate the fibres.

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