Embroidery threads

Threads for cross stitch and traditional embroidery

Retors du Nord embroidery floss

Retors du Nord is the emblematic embroidery thread from Sajou. 100% long fibre cotton with a smooth and shiny finish. It is presented on cards containing 20 metres of thread, easy to use and with no wastage. There are four strands which can be separated. As a general rule, you should use two strands for cross stitch on Aïda fabric or linen. Traditional embroidery being more diverse, you can use one or even four strands.

See the story about Retors du Nord in Madame Sajou’s Diary

Laine Saint-Pierre embroidery wool

A mixture of wool and polyamide, this thread was originally used for darning. It Is still used for this purpose and is perfect for visible mending. We have found that the lovely matt result gives a great effect for all types of embroidery.

See the story about Laine Saint-Piere in Madame Sajou’s Diary

Tonkin embroidery thread

This textured polyester thread contains a strand of lurex. This gives a gorgeous sparkly effect without being overwhelming. It can be used on its own, usually with two strands, or mixed with other threads for a unique result.

Rochefort thread for embroidery and jewellery

This thread, either two-tone or multicoloured, is a type of cord. It is very useful for couching stitch. Made from Dralon which has an aspect similar to wool, is great also for bracelets as it does not pill and dries quickly.
All our threads are made in France

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