Cross stich kits and charts - Toiles de Jouy and Oberkampf Manufactory

The Toile de Jouy fabrics is the first theme broached in the Museum and Heritage Collection. This compilation of projects to embroider evokes the history of all the fabrics created and printed at the Oberkampf Manufactory which was situated in Jouy-en-Josas. It was in this celebrated manufactory that the “toiles de Jouy” were printed.  The Toile de Jouy Museum is a great place to discover Christophe Oberkampf and all his creations, as well as the development of printing and production techniques and the works of other manufactories. A wonderful place for all those interested in the history of textiles. All this can be found on the back of the large pattern chart in the Toile de Jouy series.

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